FT Irreverent Questions with Mrs Moneypenny – Podcast

In the July edition of FT Irreverent Questions with Mrs Moneypenny, she discusses pay with fellow FT columnist and director of the High Pay Centre Stefan Stern and Natalie Jacquemin, a psychologist and partner at Mercer, the HR consultancy.

Mrs Moneypenny

Mrs Moneypenny is a former investment banker who began writing for the Financial Times in 1999 while based in Tokyo, then later in Hong Kong and Singapore. Subsequently, she returned to the UK and bought into a small but profitable business in the West End of London, where she was the youngest and worst-groomed of four owner-directors. Mrs Moneypenny writes in a number of publications, appears on TV and Radio, has written six books, and is available for speaking engagements. Join her to hear about her business, her children (Cost Centres 1,2 & 3), meet Mr M, hear about her Girlfriends and read about what matters in her business and home.