Please e-mail Ian Wilson in the UK, or Sophie Richmond in Australia, with any enquiries for private and corporate speaking events for Mrs Moneypenny.

“Mrs M is clearly a woman of substance”.  Fringe Review

“As one of the men in the audience, not only was Mrs Moneypenny very entertaining, but also hugely impressive, and I found it insightful to listen to her experiences and to hear her thoughts on some of the issues facing our women lawyers. This is precisely the sort of initiative that I am keen for us to promote in order to enable our women lawyers to achieve their personal goals, whatever they may be.” Nicholas Cheffings (Chair, Hogan Lovells)

“Mrs Moneypenny is a woman who is capable of making even the dry subject of hedge funds an entertaining subject to listen to.”

“Mrs Moneypenny is charismatic, clever, witty, erudite, fast-talking comic …She spoke for well over an hour without a pause or an ‘um’, and had our full attention on what to do as ‘ambitious women’.” Denise Barnes, Writer.

“Mrs Moneypenny said that your “third dimension” helps “build your human capital and social capital” – that is, in simple terms, your expertise and your network… so thanks to Mrs Moneypenny, I’m newly inspired to invest more time and energy in academic lacunas and my crackpot hobbies, and I may just even learn to fly a plane one day too.” Ms City Pigeon

“I voted Mrs Moneypenny in my Top 5 communicators of 2013… what makes her stand out? Mrs Moneypenny really understands the need for stories and insights when speaking – she always has a great anecdote to bring to life the point she is making… And above all, Mrs Moneypenny has mastered the art of speaking without notes and just with amusing powerpoint pictures – no text. Brilliant!” Victoria Tomlinson (Chief Executive, Northern Lights PR)