Superscrimping Tips

Here’s a great idea for your weekends – there are 6 series comprising 53 episodes of Superscrimpers available now on 4OD, and there are also daytime repeats running, the timing of which you can see here.

Mrs Moneypenny appeared in a one-off Christmas special Come Dine with Me, with Rebecca Adlington, the Olympic gold medallist swimmer, Jennifer Ellison, the actress and singer, Alex Carter, the soap actor and radio presenter, and the very handsome Rav Wilding, a former policeman in Peckham who now presents crime and action shows. Mrs Moneypenny describes the experience…

“At times I felt like I had landed from Mars. Four out of five of us had Wikipedia entries; I was not one of them. Four out of five of us left school at 16; I was not one of them. Four out of five of us did not have a PAYE job; I was not one of them. Three out of five of us had a tattoo; I was not one of them.”

Here is the link to 4OD’s Mrs Moneypenny Come Dine with Me.

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